Roof Top Tent Camper

Compact – Quick Set-up – Capable

Tare Weight 1040kg – ATM 1600kg – Ball Weight 110kg

Our Roof Top Tent Camper is built up from the same chassis and configuration as the Off-Road Camper Trailer with additional refinements to suit your camping style.

The RTT model boasts CRUISEMASTER™ XT COIL – INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION SYSTEMS with your choice of Coils or Airbags, Drifta Kitchen on Heavy duty slides and our Australian made, full length hot dip galvanised chassis.

Roof Top Tent Camper

What Makes Exceed Roof Top Tent Campers Different

Chassis & Suspension

Our Roof Top Tent trailer featured a full-length chassis that is hot dip galvanised to ensure maximum structural integrity. The triple drawbar design keeps the weight low while protecting against twist in the chassis.

Our trailer features Cruisemaster XT Independent Suspension combined with their DO35 Hitch, with both being engineered to withstand the harsh conditions our country presents.

Exceed Roof Top Tent Camper Suspension
Exceed Roof Top Tent Camper Suspension
Exceed Roof Top Tent Camper Suspension

Roof Top Tent Options

We recommend, supply and install Crazy Dog Canvas – Future 2 Hardshell roof top tents, but are also happy to supply any RTT you prefer for example the Howling Moon StarGazer shown below.

You can choose to have a front opening tent to allow a “walk up” design from the front or a side flip design to allow for a custom-made zip on awning for more enclosed space.

Roof Top Tent Camper Tent Options
roof top tent trailer options
roof top tent trailer tent unpacked

12v Electrical

Our number one choice is Victron Energy to monitor batteries and provide you with all the important info to keep you out longer. In the RTT we supply and install Victorn BMV-712 BMS, Smart Solar 100/30, Orion-TR Smart 12/12-30 DCDC Charger. We have also supplied & installed a 200 a/h lithium battery from iTechworld.

camper trailer battery management
camper trailer battery management
camper trailer battery

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