The Ultimate Gourmet Camper Trailer Kitchen

When we originally designed our camper trailer it was all about being lightweight, compact, with a quick set-up time and as tough as nails.

The trailer had to have masses of storage, so you don’t have to completely un-pack everything when you come home. All that is great, and I think we achieved this but honestly when you have finally gotten to your destination, for us it’s all about being able to produce fantastic food that you wouldn’t generally eat at home. To enable us to do this Exceed Campers has built The Ultimate Gourmet Camper Trailer Kitchen.

Ultimate Gourmet Camper Trailer Kitchen

Not Just Any Camper Trailer Kitchen

We use an Australian made Drifta short kitchen for our Roof Top Tent Camper and have made it easier to use by mounting it on 225kg slides. It’s now so easy to slide in and out even the kids can do it without a risk of it coming out further than it is supposed to. The slides have been a game changer for us as a family.

When this kitchen opens and you set up the L-shaped bench you realise how much space you have to prep, it’s a space that your friends and family gravitate to, much like being at home.

Camper Trailer Kitchen
Camper Trailer Kitchen

Pantry – Safe & Secure Food Storage

We also designed a large pantry above the kitchen which is sealed with automotive pinch weld to keep out the dust. This space houses our electrical control panel.

The pantry lets us keep our food organised and safe from insects and animals, as I’m sure a few of you have had the odd goanna munching on some Jatz. This space also allows us to install a 12v Travel Buddy or our coffee machine, who doesn’t like a few luxuries whilst away?

Travel Buddy – Cooking On The Road

Speaking of the Travel Buddy, this little oven has been a surprising, welcome addition to our camper. In our demo model it’s mounted in the passenger side storage box and I tell you there is nothing like the smell of hot chicken wings when you’ve pulled over for a road-side snack.

We have cooked a few things in it like gourmet pies, banana bread, scones, Anzac biscuits and can’t wait to get back on the road to experiment further.

travel buddy camper trailer
domtic fridge kitchen camper

Domtic Fridge – Cool & Compact

We then get to the fridge/freezer, and I must say that when my wife Michelle said let’s put one of those up-right fridges instead of the chest fridge/freezer she was met with a lot of negativity from me, they just seem to be smaller but how can that be they are both 65ltr?

Well, I took the basket out and put it inside the stand-up…huh. Obviously, I had to defend myself as I know everything, well guess what the Domtic 65ltr is in and has been fantastic.

No more pulling all your food out to find something at the bottom or worse still pulling out the milk and finding that the space has been quickly filled by something else. The upright fridge is like your home fridge with storage in the door and we get 2 x 2ltrs of milk in that space

If you would like more information about our Ultimate Gourmet Camper Trailer Kitchen or would like a quote for one of our camper trailers please get in touch with us.