100% Aussie Made Camper Trailer

Exceed Campers have built a camper trailer that is designed to take on the harsh conditions of our beautiful country. Engineered in Queensland by a family operated trailer manufacturer, the goal was to create a camper trailer that can take on any country while still being affordable.

With a focus on quality material and impeccable build quality, the Exceed camper range is ready to tackle your next off-road adventure no matter how rough the trail is. Not just content to get you where others can’t, our camper trailers are packed with extra features including a kitchen so you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Roof Top Tent Camper

What Makes The Exceed Camper Trailer Different

Super Tough Chassis

Aussie steel is used to fabricate a full-length chassis which is then “Hot Dip Galvanised” to ensure structural integrity and withstand any stressors thrown at it. A triple drawbar design means more strength to reduce twist while keeping the trailer’s weight low.

A low center of gravity is achieved by the placement of a hidden 65 litre water tank. Should you wish there are options to upgrade to a 80 litre tank with an additional 65 litre mounted at the front for hot water systems. If you get into strife there are 2 rated recovery points at the rear of the chassis.

Off-Road Suspension

Our focus on creating the best camper trailer on the market meant finding other manufacturers who share our ethos of quality above all else. This made our decision to use Cruisemaster XT Independent Suspension an easy one. Depending on your needs, you can choose from COIL SPRUNG, TWIN shocks or AIRBAG and Single shock configuration.

As for wheels, we offer both Method Alloy Wheels and Toyo All Terrain tyres on our camper trailers. These brands offer unsurpassed off-road performance, getting you there and back with no dramas.

Body With Space

The body is made using laser cut and powder coated Australian steel to provide strength and durability. Storage is a key factor when it comes to camper trailers and the Exceed Camper brings 2200 liters of weather sealed storage across 5 compartments.

At the front there is a dedicated compartment for housing gas cylinders as well as a front box that holds an instant hot water system by Joolca. There is a 12v pump on the drivers side as well as even more storage space on the passengers side for bulky items such as chairs. The top box is accessible from both sides and provides enough storage space for 4 people.

Luxury Kitchen

Exceed Campers brings comfort to camping with the inclusion of the legendary Drifta L-Shape Kitchen mounted on heavy duty slides. The kitchen is designed with flexibility in mind and can accommodate a wide variety of fridges and cooktops from traditional stovers to modern freezers.

For those who like to plan ahead, there is enough room to fit in an optional Travel Buddy. This means you can cook or bake while on the move so you can have something hot ready to eat when you arrive at your destination.

Electrical & Water Management

Within the kitchen pantry is the Victron Energy Battery Management System which comes standard in all Exceed Campers. All electrical components such as the fridge, lights and USB are switched and fused from the power distribution box.

The battery management system provides charge to the battery from a DCDC charger, Solar Controller and a 240v AC controller. The camper also features a Topargee Water Gauge that has a flow meter to keep track of how much water has been used.

Range Of Tent Options

Our Roof Top Tent camper trailer comes with a range of tents to choose from with our preference being the Crazy Dog Canvas Roof Top Tent. Depending on your preference we can offer a front opening tent to allow a walk-up design from the front or a side flip design for a custom made awning.

We provide a 270 degree square back awning mounted on the passengers side. This provides cover for the kitchen and living area and you have the option to take up an additional wall kit to keep the elements out.

Off-Road Camper Trailer

Off-Road Camper Trailer

Built for those who want a trailer for a base camp, but still love swags or tents. This can also be used during the week as a tradies trailer with the addition of a roof rack!

Roof Top Tent Camper

Roof Top Tent Camper Trailer

Roof Top Tent camping at its best with your choice of tent or even bring your own. This model has all the bells and whistles for people who want to stay longer.

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